Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jump Manual - First survey leap in 2013

Jump to exercise is not easy, however, but in the end, after all, the German crossed the bridge with a very positive note: in training that he had, in the test bike as well, but unfortunately, I fell and hurt my hip.

In the race I had to get out of their head and everything. This is me on the first lap I was able to get up in fifth place. In the second round showed me so good dive as it was before, I did not show it. Five minutes after the break was trembling with joy was my first win FIS Dome!

Then I can give my first interview of his career. Jump Manual "Swiss Kaolin and Jeff quite satisfied with the results of last weekend at his home in Enzi in eighth place in the overall standings Pascal always kaolin.

   Guerrero, who a year ago was diagnosed with cancer, positively evaluates his work: "The results of the two days I was pleased, however, jump on Saturday was not so good, but the first jump on Sunday was very good ...

In the second round was jumping for no reason, but I can not get into the air! Not bad, I jumped, and as I can. But I'm happy, "he sums up with mixed feelings SVR twelfth man

Jeff Pascal Cup final classification Michaela Vonda) Jump Manual Review Arturo expected Kukupa appear first Continental Cup with a ninth place in the order of the FIS Cup may be, of course, a happy young Polish Kukupa Arthur, who also believed to occur in the Continental Cup winter "

In the summer, I jumped very variable. The competition was very good and the other very poor. During the summer, I jumped at the FIS Cup only once in Wile, and it was very special to me. Finished fourth and second.

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